Quility Analysis

   Our Products

We have kept the  high quality is the only factor that help in winning the trust of the esteemed clients. Our well developed in-house quality examination cell is fully capable to execute every task of quality inspection as per the standards specified by FPO of India  &  OU Standards  We also customize our products according to your requirement like Gherkins fermented in Brine, preserved in Vinegar - Gherkins for stuffing  in HDPE Barrels.

Right from the stage of procurement of raw materials to the stage of final product delivery, we remain alert and watchful so that no clients are aggrieved due to inferior quality gherkins. The products are delivered in food grade plastic barrels.

Our  Cultivating & Harvesting Stage of Gherkins
1. Selecting a farm: Once an area suitable to gherkin cultivation is selected, the farm lands are checked for its soil conditions, viz texture, toxicity, mineral and organic content. Further, the availability of water.

2. Supplying of SEEDs and Inputs: The procurement of Seeds given great attention as these are an important aspect. Approved seed varieties such used are Ajax, Anaxo & Sparta Seeds by  NUNHEMS Company.

3. Regular Disease and Pest Control: Insecticides and fungicides conforming to the USFDA and EEC standards are supplied to farmland. The growth of plant is monitored on a daily basis.

4. Field Visits: Frequent visit to the farmland ensures consistent growth and development of the grown seed in to a healthy plant.

5. Product Harvesting: The harvested products are collected every day and they are delivered at Garden City Agro Exports Pvt Ltd.

6. Ensuring Quality: We are highly concerned about the satisfaction of the clients. Therefore maintains the international standard of quality in our goods and service.

Grades Provided
The gherkins are graded on the basis of count/kilo and are thoroughly washed. The washed gherkins are passed through minute inspection process. After these initial steps, the gherkins are treated with brining or vinegar/acetic acid. These three grades are:

1. Count per kilo
Typical grades are 5/10, 10/20, 20/30, 30/40, 40/60, 60/80, 80/120, 120/160, 160/300 and 300+.

2. Length

3. Diameter.

The products are packed in new food grade HDPE drums. The net drained weight for salted vinegar/acid products is 160 kilos per drum and for brine products- 180 kilos per drum